Well that was interesting

First night done. I can’t say I feel completely refreshed. ? The overnight temps were perfect for camping, so with nothing but a fan on, I stayed very cool.

However, being this close to the coastline meant an overall “damp” feeling which was unpleasant.

My coffee is perking, I converted the bed back to a couch, and set up the table for my workstation.

One thing I disliked about car camping was the ongoing re-arranging of things to convert from “drive mode” to “camp mode”. Part of getting the 4Runner in “camp mode” meant pulling the driver’s seat as far up as possible so that I could put my bed platform together. That rendered the car undrivable as I literally couldn’t fit in the driver’s seat with it in that position.

I wasn’t thinking I’d need to do that with a van, but the configuration of this van doesn’t have much storage, which means that when I let the bed down, Anything that was stored on the couch/bed needs to be moved up to the cab so it’s out of the way.

The couch/bed on this van is pretty low, which means there’s basically zero storage beneath it. I’ve seen vans that put the bed up higher to allow for more storage beneath and think I’d enjoy that setup better.