The Final Countdown!

I’ve got some gaps in my journey to fill in later, but for tonight I am celebrating my last night on the road.

A few days ago I picked up my friend Lea from the Sacramento airport and she’s making her way back to SoCal with me. We’ve managed to float in a cool body of water the past three days (1 river, 1 swimming hole, 1 lake).

We started today with a drive through Yosemite NP. Reservations are required to “recreate” in the park and I dropped the ball on planning for that. I was really mad at myself because I’ve been vigilant to check for park alerts. Oh well. 🤷‍♀️ We still got to see Hetch Hetchy yesterday (again, pics to come) and the drive through today was beautiful.

We then headed south to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks. Each NP is different and beautiful in its own way. I really need to come back to these parks when I can “do them justice.”

Tonight we’re staying with my third and final Harvest Host of the trip. Such a cool way to experience new places!

Tomorrow I return the van and by tomorrow evening I’ll be home, sleeping in my own bed. But NOT before I have a thorough shower. There’s clean and then there’s “camp clean.” I’m arguably not even the latter. 😂