A hidden beach

The last couple of days have been a real treat as I got to visit and stay with my friend Ginger and her peeps on the Oregon coast.

I’ve known Ginger from the WordPress community since 2013. She’s a fellow Texan enjoying life on the Left Coast and I hadn’t seen her since my trip up the coastline in June 2019 (thanks COVID). Anyhow, I loved that.

Me and Ginger

Ginger and her hubs know the cool spots in the area and suggested we visit a “hidden” beach. Ummm, yes please! ??‍♀️

It happens to be low tide where they are and this morning we walked to a beach that’s generally under water (hidden!). Due to the low tide, it’s exposed!

It took some climbing over rocks and balancing footholds with squeaky wet feet (thank goodness I was wearing my chacos), but I was able to crab walk and clamber over the obstacles.

I saw kids and grannies (and dogs) jumping around those rocks like it was nothing, but it was an accomplishment for me; a feat I don’t think I could have achieved before the April surgery to remove hardware from my knee and repair a couple of meniscus tears.

So I was proud of myself. 🙂

We walked under God’s Thumb and onto this beach that spends most of its time underwater.

You could see where the waterline typically was based on how high up a rock the barnacles went. I saw cool starfish, a ton of mussels and clams, and stones…

There were so many cool pebbles and stones — I could have easily spent hours walking around and looking at the ground.

I couldn’t stop thinking about The Goonies when I was there. In retrospect, I REALLY WISH I’d had my asthma inhaler on me so I could take a puff at a meaningful moment, just like Mikey.

Smoothly polished rocks and clam shells from the hidden beach. They look so much more vibrant after running water over them.

At this point my headlights are pointing North to Washington.


* random trivia points if you catch the reference. Hints to start you out: Washington, CEO/founder


  1. Yay!! So glad you’re enjoying yourself! Loving all the photos. Well have to go back and watch Goonies again. Lol
    Re: your hint. Starbucks?

  2. Wioohooo- your travel and comments rock. I am a friend of your Mom’s, but between your travel with pictures and their’s with pictures, I don’t feel homebound at all!!! You kinda went AWOL for a few days- glad you are back on target!!!

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